My first (in game) few days in Minecraft Xbox – A review.

Minecraft Coffee Shop

Minecraft Coffee Shop (Photo credit: Uriel 1998)


Minecraft cosplayers

Minecraft cosplayers (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)


Have you ever wandered around the vista that is Skyrim – running from town to town.
Have you ever lept round a corner of a building – guns a blazing – not knowing what might be there
Have you ever run through the forest in FarCry trying to reach your next town.

If you’ve done any of these you have had it easy… Your first night in Minecraft and its following days have nothing on anything you’ve ever played upto now.

Day 1. (9pm real time)

I find myself in an open world (albeit it rather blocky) with pigs and cows looking at me inquisitively as if I’m some kind of childs toy (or turd on an otherwise clean street).

I know its going to be dark soon and I am fully aware that bad things happen in the dark so I immediately start digging up anything i can find to make a safe place to hid for the night…

I build a 5×5 building, two stories high with a roof.. Id also shopped down some trees and built a crafting table so was able to make a door. A furnace next to the crafting table meant I was able to make torches… Darkness was coming – I shut myself in my tomb and waited… It got dark outside. I heard noises… I dug down from my house and started making a tunnel and underground buildings… I put up torches so the nasties wouldn’t spawn in my safehouse.

Night passed – I SURVIVED ! – the joy of it ! I removed my two stone doorpieces and slowly, carefully looked outside. I looked left. I looked right. All clear.. MUST get more provisions…

The next few days were spent in the same way – Nervously leaving the house first thing. hastily gathering provisions during the daytime and hurrying back to the house at night. Id now built a door and second floor/balcony to the house and expanded the underground section where Id found some goodies. Id never played a game before where I constantly had a check on where the house was in relation to my place in the world.. It was my only safe haven for when night came – Id never played a game where I actually was nervous about wandering too far from home..

Day 5. I was feel pretty chuffed with myself – Id taken on a few nasties – dug down to my first big cavern/mine and cleared it out.. Crafted some nice bits but still jsut scratched the surface of what this game can offer.. I decided I needed to make a bow and arrow – this needed string (from Spiders). I left the house on the hunt for a spider… BOOM as I left the house. In my complacency I diddnt look left & right and a creeper thing crept up on me from behind and blew up taking out both me and half the house… Maybe I need stronger building materials. I re-spawned somewhere nearby on the map and had a fit as I could not see my home! After wandering around I luckily found it and repaired the damage.

I need armor ! ….

Its now 1:20am… Where the hell has that time gone ?? I need sleep… And to plan my next adventure….