How do you take yours ?

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Black ? White ? Sweetner ? Sugar ? 1 or 2 or even none ? Milk first or Last or not at all

Tea & Coffee – what a palava that is ! so many choices and that’s even before you get into the starbucks / costa realm of drinks ordering !!! Continue reading


Well here we go

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Evening all. Not quite sure why I have a blog. I don’t have a need to write anything that the world needs to read but hey ho (here we go donkey Riding, donkey riding)….

I digress. So, this will be a bit of a random chat about me, my life and anything else I find the urge to tell you about.

It’s half ten on a Sunday night, and I’m in bed watching some guff on Tele, typing this into my Android phone. I could be asleep but after a coffee (black with three sugars) I don’t really feel like it just yet. Continue reading