Whistle while you wait….

Ciao,the mascot by FIFA unkdown WCup

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End of another day in the office. Just waiting for the wife & kids to turn up and swap cars as shes off for a wedding chat with a couple.

Had a play with a colleagues IPAD2. Apart from a little speed difference and a camera (that im not sure I’d use anyway) I cant see alot of difference

Oh there she is 🙂 Gotta go !

Ciao ciao readers !


I am an Android Fanboy but WOW the IPAD is a lovely bit of kit

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

We travelled out yesterday as we found a oppourtunity we just couldn’t miss.

I found a 32Gig IPAD (1 not 2) for a bargain price AND included a case & Keyboard ! To good to be true ! 🙂 So we travelled to Fleet to pick it up yesterday evening – it’s about 50 miles away but even when fuel is added onto the price of the unit it was still £50-70 cheaper than the 16Gig version (without case & keyboard) Continue reading