Can I make a candle from ear wax ? Would it smell ?

Human earwax (cerumen) wet type

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…. and would it smell ?

Could we be looking at a new renewable source of lighting ? How much wax do we produce ? Could I make enough to fill a small jar or tea light ? would it burn ? what would it smell of ?

I’ve been searching the web in a spare 5 minutes as I need something to calm me down after a frustrating morning at work … Here is what I have found.

Well ear wax is created to protect the ear drum from foreign bodies (no, not the French!). Some sites are also saying its a poison to stop insects from entering the ear and climbing down the eustachian tube and causing damage (gross)

Japanese people have a different kind of wax to the rest of us ! apparently its dry-er.

Earwax is constantly being created and due to the movement of the head and jaw it makes its way to the outer ear where it dries up and flakes off…

From another site I found that Earwax is 60% keratin (used to make the outer layer of human skin and also toenails & hair), 12-20% long chain fatty acids, alcohols, squaline (a fat and anti-oxidant produced and is a natural moisturizer) & 6-9% cholesterol

From this I’m sure that if I could gather enough – then it would certainly burn with a wick
OH ! then I found this !!

Looks like it’s already been done on Mythbusters. From the reactions of the “busters” when melting the wax – the smell isn’t good !

And from the final test – It doesn’t work as a candle. Due to its makeup of hair / skin cells and the items above – it IS flammable but it doesn’t burn or melt consistently in the same way that a beeswax candle would.

So – There is your answer. You “could” get enough wax to make a candle (although you’d want the help of a few friends / animals to get enough) but even if you could, without refining it – you wouldn’t be able to turn it into a candle..

Just stick to your pound shop tea lights ! – they work and they wont make you gag with the smell !!!


“Is it coz I is Coloured ?”

12-ounce Dr Pepper can sporting the new logo

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Just been reading the Label on my bottle of coca-cola (I was on my lunch break!) and had an interesting read on the additive  “Caramel – E150d”

It seems that this is just used to colour the drink – Its used in many fizzy drinks – I have a bottle of Dr Pepper infront of me and that too had this colouring in (as well as preservative –E211 which I may write about in a separate post)

This, so it seems is a chemically produced additive made using Ammonia which creates a by-product which is carcenogenic to Animals – SHOCKING !

Looks like this is also used in Health foods – Maybe theyre not as healthy as people think they are ! Also it can be produced from sugar beet or Maize starch and could come from GM crops.

And Just to end on a happy note !

The International Programme on Chemical Safety (IPCS) has concluded that commercially-produced caramel color has the same toxicological properties as caramel produced by cooking or heating sucrose, except for those prepared using ammonium (Class III and IV). Despite some claims that caramel is toxic or carcinogenic, or leads to intestinal problems,[5] the IPCS has found no evidence of carcinogenicity or mutagenicity in its extensive studies. Though one should note that it says: “Side effects: Side effects are manifested from the use of E150c and E150d, where intestinal problems may occur after ingestion of large amounts. Due to the complex nature of the mixtures, toxicology tests are still being carried out.”. And now California lists it as a carcinogen.



How do you take yours ?

Roasted coffee beans, the world's primary sour...

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Black ? White ? Sweetner ? Sugar ? 1 or 2 or even none ? Milk first or Last or not at all

Tea & Coffee – what a palava that is ! so many choices and that’s even before you get into the starbucks / costa realm of drinks ordering !!! Continue reading

Whistle while you wait….

Ciao,the mascot by FIFA unkdown WCup

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End of another day in the office. Just waiting for the wife & kids to turn up and swap cars as shes off for a wedding chat with a couple.

Had a play with a colleagues IPAD2. Apart from a little speed difference and a camera (that im not sure I’d use anyway) I cant see alot of difference

Oh there she is 🙂 Gotta go !

Ciao ciao readers !

I am an Android Fanboy but WOW the IPAD is a lovely bit of kit

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

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We travelled out yesterday as we found a oppourtunity we just couldn’t miss.

I found a 32Gig IPAD (1 not 2) for a bargain price AND included a case & Keyboard ! To good to be true ! 🙂 So we travelled to Fleet to pick it up yesterday evening – it’s about 50 miles away but even when fuel is added onto the price of the unit it was still £50-70 cheaper than the 16Gig version (without case & keyboard) Continue reading

Today is another day ….

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… and so is tomorrow

that’s about the limit of my intellectual ability today i think. Not sure why but my brain just can’t keep on track of what its supposed to be doing .. So many times today my mind has wandered, just for a second – by looking out the window or hearing an office conversation only to look back at my screen and think “what the hell was i doing?” Continue reading