Project: FIX-A-GATE !

Well here goes …

I’m not much of a DIY-er so I’m prepping as much as I can !

Background is that now we have a trailer tent and a puppy we thought it would be a good idea to have some driveway gates fitted.

We have an 87 inch gap and we want the gates to be around 5 foot high

As we have 2x3ft (36inch) gates that equates to 72 inches – leaving about 15 inches for posts. we plan to get 4×4 posts which means that the total width is 80 inches

On the left is a brick wall – its not very sturdy so I would prefer not to secure a post to it and instead – dig it into the ground. I’m hoping this would remove 1-2 inches of the remaining 7 leaving 5-6inches.

On the right is the main house wall. Problem this side is that we have waste water pipes (1 1/2 inch) running horizontally.

We were wondering about fitting two posts to the house wall – one with notched cutouts where the pipework is and then the second bolted/screwed onto it to “fill the gap” needed. 2x 4 inch posts would equal 8 inches – too much… So its probably wiser again to dig the post in and butt it as close to the water pipes – 4+1 1/2 = 5 – just about right…

This doesn’t take into account any gaps required for the hinges to be fitted or if the gates are slightly oversized.. so this may all change based on that….


We bought two of these from ebay which would fit the gap… Now to fit them…


  • POSTs x2 – 6-7ft tall- 4×4 Pressure treated
  • POSTCRETE enough to secure 3 posts 12-18 inches in…
  • HINGEs – (see below for link) – 6 in total
  • BOLT – (see below for link) – Lockable
  • LATCH – (see below for link)
  • SURFACE BOLT – (see below for link)


Now looking at this with my father-in-law it seemed like a good idea to fit the posts into the ground. We decided on 5ft tall posts (visible) that are 4×4 square PRESSURE TREATED so they don’t rot as much

These posts need to be 12-18 inches into the ground (in concrete) so we’ll need to dig down quite a bit and get some postcrete to fix them. Making sure of course they are the correct distance apart (including any gap for hinges etc.. and that they are vertical !


Once the posts are “in” its time for


ImageThese are the ones I’m thinking of using and having them show “out to the road” so to add some nice decoration to the gate. Im planning on having 3 per gate so will need 6 in total. Available from Screwfix

Im presuming that once the gates are up and fitted they will do their job but of course there is nothing stopping them swiging about so I’ll need some bolts etc..


Im looking at one of these for the top – its lockable so the kids dont “accidentally” open it from the inside and let the dog out


I think it would be wise to have a latch in the middle to add some extra strength to them.

One of these fitted should look nice with the hinges



Im after something to secure the bottom of the gate to the floor (only one needed as this should secure both together once fitted)

Ive a bad feeling that the wind that blows through will not secure the bolt into the tarmac drive for long so in time this may need digging out and replacing with some more postcrete with a metal tube inserted to allow the surface bolt to slip in without tearing up the concrete…

And I think thats it – if I think of anything else I’ll add it to the list :)…


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