How do you take yours ?

Roasted coffee beans, the world's primary sour...

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Black ? White ? Sweetner ? Sugar ? 1 or 2 or even none ? Milk first or Last or not at all

Tea & Coffee – what a palava that is ! so many choices and that’s even before you get into the starbucks / costa realm of drinks ordering !!!

ALL I WANT IS A BLACK COFFEE – it’s not an Americano – it’s just Coffee with water in it. No i don’t want it steamed with cream,milk, Soya or lactose free, desaturated into an expresso, nor do i want arabica, costarican, brazillian or venezuelen beans (and even if I DID want to smell them I wouldn’t know what was good or bad anyway..)

All I want is for someone to put some coffee powder in a mug and add some water.

Oh – and as for sugar – im happy with 3 spoons at home thanks so why why why when i get a coffee from you do i have to put 6-7 in to get the same taste ?? What kinda sugar is that ? Can you get diluted sugar? why isn’t it as strong as normal sugar ? Is there such a thing as weak sugar ?

And PLEASE dont make it so bloody hot ! Id like to drink the coffee Ive just bought rather than have to wait for it to cooldown from its volcanic state to something possibly drinkable. How do you make it so hot ? do you have some nuclear reactor super-heating the water to incredible temperatures ? And make the lid vented so the heat has a chance to escape ! If not then can you please direct me to the nearest hospital ENT burns unit ?

Dont get me started on Tea – Filthy stuff !

Rant mode off – It’s good to release !!! 🙂

Naysayer out ! 🙂


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