I am an Android Fanboy but WOW the IPAD is a lovely bit of kit

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

We travelled out yesterday as we found a oppourtunity we just couldn’t miss.

I found a 32Gig IPAD (1 not 2) for a bargain price AND included a case & Keyboard ! To good to be true ! 🙂 So we travelled to Fleet to pick it up yesterday evening – it’s about 50 miles away but even when fuel is added onto the price of the unit it was still £50-70 cheaper than the 16Gig version (without case & keyboard)

Well i must say it IS a beautiful bit of kit. It looks amazing and the OS is just so neat and sleek at what it does.

My wife has a small photography sideline that she does www.cherrytreephotography.co.uk and wanted something to showcase her work when she visits clients. The IPAD was our immediate choise for showing her portfolio. However it comes at a cost. We did also look at Android phones but i was concerned that as she used an Iphone (3gs) she wouldn’t like the Android OS (plus we were looking at a cheaper “flytouch 3 superpad” model which may not have had as much OOMPH as and IPAD

While surfing over at www.gumtree.co.uk we came across this beauty. A quick chat to see if it was for real or some kind of joke and an hours drive in the evening and it was in our hands.

This was not the 3g version but that didnt matter as my wifes 3gs was jailbroken and was able to run MIWI on it – a wifi / 3g tethering app which then meant we could use the ipad on the move without the need for a separate 3g contract – AMAZING again !

The IPAD specific apps look stunning on the screen and everything works and looks 100%. There is no clunkyness and little touches like animated windows and finger turnable pages just add to the WOW factor.

Makes me wonder if I should ditch the android OS and go for an Iphone 5 when it comes out .. Although the only downside is that I’d have to start paying for the majority of the apps I’d end up using – Albeit they are a far better quality on the Ipad

So – Comments then ?? Android or  IOS ?



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