Today is another day ….

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… and so is tomorrow

that’s about the limit of my intellectual ability today i think. Not sure why but my brain just can’t keep on track of what its supposed to be doing .. So many times today my mind has wandered, just for a second – by looking out the window or hearing an office conversation only to look back at my screen and think “what the hell was i doing?”

Weather has turned crap this afternoon – which is a bugga as i was hoping to go out with the family after work and go to our geocache site and check its ok and wether anyone has found it yet (i may also link it here too)..

my wife, Sophie said that I should have a topic to follow for my blogs and seeing as my concentration is severely lacking today maybe I should task myself with doing some kind of memory test this week. ? What do you think of that ? – Jeez – im looking out the window at the car park and trying to think where I parked it after going to the Tip at lunch to dump some crap from the house… erm….

I think I’ll go grab another coffee !

If anyone has any ideas of tasks i can do for my memory skills – feel free to comment 🙂


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